Burying Friends and Unearthing New Ones

It’s no secret that we’re hosting a big fundraising bash this Friday, July 26. No cover charge required, no dress code required (though we’d especially ADORE it if you dressed to the nines because, why not? It’s a bash!) Not even a passcode required…

The OG Storytellers

Whether a mother gifts her children bedtime stories that last with them into adulthood, shapes them into authors of their own stories, or simply enrich our world story by giving it new life, we owe a lot to mothers for impacting the craft.

In Pursuit of Faerie Tales

When you hear the words “Fairy Tale,” no doubt your mind conjures up images of towers and braids, curses and acts of courage, and, of course, tiny people with wings and wands. But let’s not generalize things. Fairy tales encompass the long history of oral tradition and myth, stories first passed down by ancestors and world-weary travelers…

Please Remove Shoes

Words can’t do justice to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with closing a successful first production and jumping headfirst into our next one. Suffice it to say, The Impostors are exhaling a collective HOOZAH! over many celebratory (low-shelf) champagne toasts.

Impostor Searchlight: Nell Gwyn

Fewer joys exist in this cruel, cold world than those of a real-life Cinderella story. How juicy it is when someone from the duller side of the tracks not only makes it to the other side, but lands on a train straight to riches, fame, admiration, and legacy.

The Gristly

Like most great movements in art should do, some of the songs I sang in middle school choir left an imprint in my memory that you could fill with a lifetime supply of Lincoln Logs.